Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew

Week 2 Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew! Every Thursday Mr. Matthew will take you through a fun, full body at home workout that is suited toward all ages and all skill levels. The workouts will be available weekly on our app (and on our YouTube channel.) This recorded video will be available for you to access at your convenience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Click here to view this weeks workout:

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NEW Class Schedules Starting 10/04/2021

You asked, we listened! We’re adjusting our schedule to better accommodate YOU, our amazing Allstars!
With this schedule change, we are slightly adjusting ALL class times. Our class times will shift by 5, 10, or 15 minutes due to the launch of our NEW S.W.A.T. Leadership Program & we have added in NEW Advanced/Black Belt classes! Click here for more info on S.W.A.T. ->  We’re offering an “early bird” special up to Oct. 8!


Please remember – all class must be BOOKED IN ADVANCE. We do not allow “walk-ins”. All members must have a reservation to train in-studio. Please make your class reservations through your app or here: Booking is open up to December 2021.


———————————NEW Beginner Class Times – White, White w/ Colored Stripes, Yellow, Advanced Yellow Belts

Book these classes under the “Beginner Class” category–>

Mondays: 3:15 PM, 3:50 PM, or 6:30 PM

Tuesdays: 3:15 PM, 3:50 PM, or 6:30 PM
Wednesdays: 3:15 PM or 3:50 PM
Thursdays: 3:15 PM, 3:50 PM, or 6:30 PM
Fridays: 3:15 PM or 3:50 PM



NEW Intermediate Class Times – Green, Advanced Green, or Blue Belts
Book these classes under the “Intermediate Class” category–>
Mondays: 4:25 PM
Tuesdays: 4:25 PM
Wednesdays: 4:25 PM

Thursdays: 4:25 PM

NEW Advanced & Black Belt Class Times – Advanced Blue, Red, Advanced Red, or Black Belts
Book these classes under the “Advanced & Black Belt Class” category–>
Mondays: 5:05 PM
Tuesdays: 5:05 PM
Wednesdays: 5:05 PM

Thursdays: 5:05 PM

NEW Intermediate, Advanced, & Black Belt Class Times – Green through Black Belts

Book these classes under the “Intermediate, Advanced, & Black Belt Class” category–>

Tuesdays: 5:50 PM
Wednesdays: 6:30 PM
Thursdays: 5:50 PM
Fridays: 4:25 PM
NEW Teen & Adult Class Times – All Ranks ages 13+
Book these classes under the “Teen & Adult Class” category–> 7:05 PM
Tuesdays: 7:05 PM
Wednesdays: 7:05 PM

Thursdays: 7:05 PM


Tuesdays & Thursdays: 5:50 PM Intermediate, Adv., & Black Belts; 6:30 PM Beginners; 7:00 PM Teens/Adults
Fridays: 3:50 PM Beginners; 4:25 PM Intermediate, Adv., & Black Belts

Are you not a member but are interested in classes? Learn more about our current trial offer here:

Please let us know if you have any questions.Thank you!

Allstar Martial Arts Academy

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