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Katy Kat reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

I love it and not just me as mom if not my 6-Year-old daughter. They teach you discipline, Personal Defense, respect etc. If you want an academy for your children where you seriously want them to learn, Allstar Martial Arts Academy is the best option. They are patients, professionals and pretty nice. My daughter is learning a lot and at the same time enjoying this experience, they do an amazing job both with children and adults. 100 % recommended, not egos and much mutual support!

Dianne H

I Love it! I put my kids into training a few months ago to help them learn to focus and I am so impressed with how much they have changed in such a small amount of time! They're always so excited about training and begging me to bring them to class...it's never a hassle to get them ready to go like it has been with other sports or after school activities. In addition to the martial arts skills, the fitness, balance, and coordination...my kids have learned how to be disciplined, how to stand up straight and still, and how to practice eye contact. The training isn't all physical...each class, the instructors talk about a life skill/lesson that they encourage the kids to practice at home or at school. Last week they talked about courtesy and how to show courtesy to others. It's really a great program for fitness and life skills.

My kids have loved it so much and I'm always practicing with them at home..I recently decided to try taking classes for myself and I'm loving it just as much as my kids! Each class I'm learning self defense and martial arts AND getting a pretty intense cardio workout! I highly recommend this facility and program to anyone and everyone!

Vero A Téllez reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

My shy 6 years old daughter loves
her classes, her instructors are helping her to feel confident and brave,I couldn't be happier !!! One of my best decisions as mom😀amazing family owned place!!!

Vickie Hollinger Swords reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Great instructors and no place better for your kiddos (and you!) to build confidence, discipline, & respect, all while learning how to protect yourself. The Parent's Night Out and birthday party's are amazing options also! Don't forget, you can also break some boards too!!

Anthony Guaglione reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Exceptional instructors! Great family friendly environment very conducive to learning! Highly recommend!!!

Autumn Dawn reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Our 6 and 8 year old sons started here a couple of months ago. They absolutely love it and would go everyday if we could get them there. They are learning so much including focus and discipline. The results are amazing. The instructors are all family and you can tell that they love what they do and the children they teach. Highly recommend this place!!!

Crystal Bartolomeo-Chavis reviewed Allstar Martial Arts Academy
via Facebook

Love love love them! My kids love going twice a week. The tuition is very reasonable as well. They are so popular they opened up another studio and added additional classes to the Wellington studio to accommodate their students!

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Our latest news & thoughts

Operation Stay Safe Re-Opening

Hello Allstar Students and Families!

We resumed in-studio training on Monday, May 18, 2020. We want to share our exact plans to keep our members safe. Your health and safety are our #1 priority, and every decision we have made has been guided by that premise.


Overview: We received notice that gyms and fitness centers may open on Monday, May 18, 2020, following CDC recommendations for social distancing and sanitizing. Below are our plans.

What does this mean for classes?


Over the time we had to “pause” in-studio training (April 13, 2020 to May 15, 2020), we were (and still are) offering live online group classes, live online one-on-ones, and in-studio semi-private sessions. We have really enjoyed seeing you in our semi-private in-studio sessions; live, interactive group ZOOM classes and our interactive one on one lessons, despite everything going on. We are glad that you are all keeping up with your training and staying on track with your next ranks AND keeping somewhat of a normal routine, as well.

With the latest government update, our in-studio classes booked by appointment only will replace our regular group class schedule (temporarily). This is to maintain the health and safety of our staff and members.

Booking for these classes will be extended if needed.

These classes offer a limited capacity of students and follow all CDC guidelines for social distancing and sanitizing. Classes are now 30 minutes instead of 45 minutes to allow for 15 minutes of sanitizing and disinfecting in-between sessions. Please see “ALLSTARS EXTRA SAFETY MEASURES” below for additional measures we are taking to keep you safe.


What if I am not comfortable training in-studio this soon?

Please do not worry. We understand that some of our students are not comfortable training in-studio just yet, which is why we will continue to offer our live, online group classes as long as they are needed.


Now that our plan is laid out, we want to make sure you know about all the additional health and safety precautions we are taking here at Allstar Martial Arts Academy:

  • UPGRADED CLEANING SCHEDULE: Equipment will be thoroughly disinfected throughout the day after each use (before, during, and after each session). We have allowed for more time between sessions, so we are able to clean equipment and our facility more effectively. This includes the regular cleaning of doorknobs, front desk area, and any other surfaces or objects that are touched throughout the day. Our facility will also have a deep clean daily. Any equipment that we use in class will be disinfected before and immediately after use. Only siblings/immediate family members may share equipment.


  • TAPING THE FLOOR: We have updated our taped floor spots to allow for adequate social distancing. Each student will have their own dedicated space to workout in.


  • OPTIONAL CONTACT: No hand shakes, no high fives, or fist bumps, etc between students and/or instructors. Contact sparring is optional. Those families and students that choose to do so may stay after class to practice. There will be no skin to skin contact between students- only contact between gear.


  • HAND SANITIZER & DISINFECTING WIPES: These items will be readily available for your use throughout the studio.


  • TEAM HANDWASHING: Our coaches and team will be washing their hands when they arrive and leave for at LEAST 20 seconds, and throughout the day after each class or coaching session.



We are in this together, and we need YOUR help as we reopen to keep our studio as safe as possible.

No Shoes On the Mats: We are asking that everyone wearing shoes stick to our designated walkways. No shoes on the mats. This will help avoid tracking in and spreading any germs or bacteria.

Hand Washing: Please wash your hands (up to your elbows) for at LEAST 20 seconds BEFORE and AFTER your in-studio session.

Keeping Equipment Clean: Our staff will be wiping down every piece of equipment before and after each use. But, please feel free to wipe down anything yourself (with our provided disinfectant wipes).

Please Stay Home If You’re Not Well: If you’re not feeling 100%, please stay home and rest or participate in our virtual sessions until you are feeling better. (Our team will also be following this policy!)

Please Avoid “Congregating” In Groups Before / After Class: We also are asking students and parents to avoid gathering in groups before, during, or after their classes. Again, this is because of social distancing guidelines.

Phew! That was a lot to cover! Please know the above may change slightly if government recommendations change. Thank you so much for your patience as we navigate through the reopening. We cannot WAIT to see you again back in the studio! As always, we are here for you. If you have any questions or need anything, reach out any time.

The Lord Family & Allstar Team