Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew

Week 2 Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew! Every Thursday Mr. Matthew will take you through a fun, full body at home workout that is suited toward all ages and all skill levels. The workouts will be available weekly on our app (and on our YouTube channel.) This recorded video will be available for you to access at your convenience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Click here to view this weeks workout:

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Live, Interactive, Online Training – Virtual One-On-Ones

ACTIVE, ONGOING MEMBERS: As an added value, in addition to our full schedule of live, online group classes (view the schedule and access the live-stream HERE) we released complimentary 15-minute Live, Online One-on-One Sessions to better your learning. These are available to all active, ongoing Allstar members up to May 29, 2020. We ask that members book 1 per week per student.


We encourage you to enjoy this added value. These sessions are with a certified black belt instructor and designed to help YOU (our amazing Allstar students) stay on track and continue their taekwondo training and development! Nothing beats one on one attention and now is the perfect time to take advantage of it (in addition to our semi-private training sessions and live stream group classes)!


Private one-on-one sessions are complimentary (no charge) for current, active members and offered every week day, Monday through Friday until May 29, 2020.


These 15 minute online one-on-one sessions are offered in addition to your 4 complimentary 30 minute, in-studio private sessions that we have added to each of our current, active members accounts. The 4 complimentary 30 minute in-studio sessions are an added bonus for supporting us during this difficult time and have a value of $200 ($50/lesson). Your 4 complimentary 30 minute in-studio private sessions are to be used at your convenience, we will begin to offer scheduling once the studio is open.


Book your 15 minute complimentary live, online one-on-one sessions HERE.

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