Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew

Week 2 Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew! Every Thursday Mr. Matthew will take you through a fun, full body at home workout that is suited toward all ages and all skill levels. The workouts will be available weekly on our app (and on our YouTube channel.) This recorded video will be available for you to access at your convenience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Click here to view this weeks workout:

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2023 Orlando, FL Competition Times & Reminders: Please Review Full Email

Please make note of your competition time here: 2023 Orlando Competition Times

If you are registered for the Board Breaking Challenge: You DO NOT have a set Board Breaking Challenge time. It is your responsibility to head to the Board Breaking Challenge station to complete competition. The station opens at 3:30pm on Friday, September 1 and opens at 9:30am on Saturday, September 2. Review Board Breaking Challenge breaks & competition rules here: Board Breaking Challenge Rules

If you are registered to test: Testing begins at 10:00am on Friday, September 1. Arrive at least 30 minutes early. Wear your full, embroidered Allstar uniform. Bring you full set of safety gear.

If you are registered to become a certified instructor: Certification begins at 7:00am on Saturday, September 2. 


Here are few reminders before the big event this weekend! Use this email as a checklist to ensure you are ready to compete! When you are packing up to head to Orlando, don’t forget:

1. Your FULL UNIFORM (Allstar jacket with patches sewn on, pants, and belt). Make sure your uniform is clean, bright white, and unwrinkled. When you look your best, you will perform your best.

2. Your FLAG BELT COMPLETE WITH ALL 3 FLAGS ATTACHED & HEAD SAFETY GEAR. Your general competition includes flag sparring, however you may only compete if you have your proper gear (flag belt with 3 flags attached). You need your own mouth guard. You should also have a head gear – there is no guarantee you may borrow. 

3. Your SPARRING GEAR (green belts & higher):1xHead, 2xHand Pads, 2xFoot Pads, 2xElbow Pads2xShin Guards, 1xMouth Guard, and 1xCup (for males). Chest protectors are optional and not recommended for this competition. Elbow pads and shin guards are REQUIRED for competition & are not sold with our regular gear package. If you do not already have them, please purchase them asap. 

4.Your STICK SPARRING GEAR (if stick sparring): 1xHead gear with face shield, 1x mouthguard, your stick. Hand pads may also be required. 

5. Cash for the Spectator Fee. Per spectator: Usually $10 for 1 day or $15 for both days. Will be collected at the door.

6. Your camera for lots of pictures and videos! Please EMAIL US any clear pictures – we want to show you off! And don’t forget to tag us in your social media posts so we can share it!

7. Your Allstar Attitude! Win or lose, hold your head high and remember the 5 tenets of Taekwondo: Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self Control, and Indomitable Spirit. We are proud of each and every one of our amazing Allstar students – no matter what.

Do you know when and where you are competing? Please record your 1. RING NUMBER and 2. START TIME: 2023 Orlando Competition Times


WHERE: This year’s tournament is held at the Wyndham Disney Resort at 1850 Hotel Plaza Blvd in Lake Buena Vista, Florida

WHEN: Friday, September 1 AND Saturday, September 2 (Review comp times for your day). Please arrive at least 30 minutes prior to your competition time. Do not arrive late. If you arrive late, you may miss your chance to compete – they will not wait for you.

If you need assistance tournament day, please email us or DM us on Facebook or Instagram. We will be out of the studio and will be unable to take calls.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to an awesome competition!

The Allstar Team

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