Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew

Week 2 Muscle Up with Mr. Matthew! Every Thursday Mr. Matthew will take you through a fun, full body at home workout that is suited toward all ages and all skill levels. The workouts will be available weekly on our app (and on our YouTube channel.) This recorded video will be available for you to access at your convenience in the comfort and safety of your own home. Click here to view this weeks workout:

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December Rank Testing

December 4, 2020 6:15 pm - December 5, 2020 1:45 pm


#1 You know your material & meet attendance requirements.
• Eligible students have been training for at least 5 weeks.
• Students should be able to perform their required techniques, PATTERN, self defense combination/sparring, and board break.

#2 You have 3 or 6 stripes on your belt
• Beginners are required to have at least 3 stripes from this test cycle.
• Intermediate and Advanced students are required to have 3 stripes for a midterm test and 6 stripes for a belt test.

#3 Your uniform & gear are up to standards
• Your uniform must have 1 Allstar & 1 Taekwondo United patch sewn on the top & your gear must have our Taekwondo United logo and be in good condition.

Testing is always optional. Please do not register unless you feel 100% confident in your ability to pass.


If you meet the above criteria, congratulations – you are ready to test!

You have worked hard these past few months to learn our curriculum and earn your stripes. Your commitment to training, your effort online and in-studio, and your perseverance have not gone unnoticed. This is the opportunity that you have been working so hard for, the chance to earn your next rank! If you’d like to view/learn more about our ranking system (ex. what belt is next for you), please click here. 

We offer testing ceremonies roughly every 10 to 12 weeks (only 4 times a year!!!). This is the only opportunity at which a student is eligible to earn the next rank. This cycle, we are offering testing:

These ceremonies will focus on a few aspects of the curriculum that we have taught this testing cycle: attitude, techniques, patterns, self defense combinations, no-contact sparring, and board breaking. Registration is open now and closes on Monday, November 30, 2020 at 7:30 PM. 

Any registrations after the deadline are subject to a $15 late fee. If you attempt to register after the deadline, there is no guarantee your student’s new rank & certificate will be ready for pick-up by December 7, 2020. Students who are participating must have both patches SEWN onto their uniforms prior to the ceremony. Register below or in your app.

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